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  M40's Basement Bladesmithing

        from Concept to Reality...

             Shown at left, early "Bulldozer" design.

"Gold is for the mistress - silver for the maid - copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.”
“Good!” said the Baron, sitting in his hall, “But iron - cold iron - is master of them all.”

Rudyard Kipling
excerpt from the poem, "Cold Iron"


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Field Blade Reviews - (This is a large section with many pages, and is growing all the time) - What is a good "field blade" and why? How do you choose a blade that will perform without breaking the bank? Also, some expensive blades that don't stack up.

NEW! - DOLLAR SURVIVAL KNIFE - I did the 'ten cent survival knife'... now here's the upgrade version!

NEW! - My Personal Blade Collection - The Commercial Blades in my Personal Collection.

Custom Leather Sheaths by Bay State Leather - Check out these great sheaths I had custom made!

VIDEO - Grinding a Blade - A short video clip showing the grinding process from beginning to end.

Latest Design - The Bulldozer - Several prototypes, and a final design.

Introducing the Bowkri - A project I'm working on... sort of a cross between the venerable bowie, and the time-tested Khukri. An M40 Original Design.

Bowkri 2 - Here's some new twists on the Bowkri project.

Custom High Rider Kydex Sheath - Here's a unique concealed carry sheath made for a Reeve Project II.

What Happened to Camillus? - See my open letter to the new owners!

Working With Steel - This page is a good primer to help get you started.

Working With Steel, Part 2 - Here's some invaluable hardening and tempering info for the beginner.

What's the Best Blade Steel? - Coherent essay, or the ravings of a madman... you decide.

M40's TEN CENT Survival Knife! - See how it's easily made in just a few minutes.

Khukri Style Blade Evaluations - There's a lot of great khuk's out there, but some are clearly better.

Khukri Modification - This was the first blade I did, and it is just a rebuild/modification of an existing knife. These pages get a LOT of traffic. I guess I'm not the only fan of the Khukri!

The BAMF - I'm sure you can figure out what this stands for.

The BUFF - In the Air Force, the B-52's are called "BUFF's", which stands for "Big, Ugly, Fat F*ckers". This design hasn't been made... yet. In fact it evolved.

A Sawback - Sort of a Lile knockoff. Done for fun.

M40's LATEST BLADES - See some of my basement projects that are still under construction.

SHOP TALK  -  I've had a LOT of emails asking what kind of tools I've used for this or that, what I use for sources (steel, handle material, etc), and about techniques. I've attempted to put some answers down here.


How to Cord Wrap a Handle

How to Cord Wrap a Sheath

How I Modified the Khukri Sheath

How to remove the Khukri Handle

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