Contacting M40


If you wish to contact me, feel free to drop me an email. Remember that this site is rapidly approaching  a million hits per month. That means that your email is one insignificant header in a huge, steaming pile of crap that flows in daily from folks all over the world. As such, I just don't have time to sort them all out. I've outlined a few basic pointers and rules below.


1 - I've attempted to answer many questions right here on the site, so if your email is asking about things that I've already taken the time to write whole pages about, I WILL DELETE IT. I'm not an information locator service. Take some time... dig around on my site... you will likely find that I've already answered your question in depth.

2 - If your email has a subject line with some inane thing like "hey dude!" or "awesome!", I WILL DELETE IT. If there is even the slightest resemblance to some kind of spam, I WILL DELETE IT. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time to wade through hundreds of emails per day in search of the interesting ones. If your subject line says something specific like, "M40 website commentary", or "Survival pages question", then I will know it is probably not some asshole trying to sell me Viagra or trying to bump a penny stock.

3 - Please, please,  pleeeeaase... be concise. I don't need your life story in order to answer a question about fire making. If your email doesn't come to some kind of point within a paragraph or two...  I WILL DELETE IT.

4 - I get plenty of hate mail. Griping, bitching, whining and complaining will not get you anywhere. If you really want to dispute something I have written, you had better be able to back your case with factual information. If you fill a page with colorful bits of foul language, insults, and insinuations about my questionable lineage... you are wasting your time...  I WILL SIMPLY DELETE IT. All of your efforts will not have hurt my feelings or anything!

5 - If you're too lazy to use punctuation in your email, OR SIMPLY WRITE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A SHIFT KEY...   I WILL DELETE IT. Similarly, if your email consists mainly of  "web abbreviations" like LOL or IMHO...  I WILL DELETE IT.  I am not a teenage girl, and I don't text. Beyond the two abbreviations that I just listed, I have no fucking clue what you are trying to say.

All of that said, I really do try to answer each and every serious email that comes in. If you sent me something readable, with a point and with a pertinent subject line... and I didn't respond... I apologize.

Now that we all know the rules, feel free to...     CONTACT M40


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