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How to Cord Wrap a Sheath

    Another M40 Basement Project 

For other projects, see my Bladesmithing pages

The sheath is a great place to store quite a bit of paracord. A double layer of cord wrapping on the sheath of a large knife can store 50 feet or more of cord, and can even help protect the sheath and blade as it adds a layer of padding.

I've used the Kydex sheath from a Becker Brute for this demo, but you can modify this slightly and use the same technique for many sheath styles. Use your imagination.

Note: This works best on hard shell sheaths, as the softer styles can get compressed when wrapped too tightly making blade fit an issue. I have used this factor to my advantage. By tightly wrapping a sheath that fit too loosely you can get a really snug fit for your blade.






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