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The Becker Brute


    The Becker Brute is a helluva good knife. The 9.5 inch high carbon steel blade is a full quarter inch thick, which makes this a formidable chopping tool. I am a fan of carbon steel over stainless. It takes a better edge without being brittle. With stainless there is too much tradeoff. Either it is hard and brittle, or soft with no edge retention. At about a hundred bucks, the Becker is  a decent value as well. For those with a tighter budget, Becker makes a line of "Combat/Utility" blades that look to be decent as well, though not as thick, and thus less effective as choppers. So far I am very content with this tool, but I will have to see how well the black powder coat holds up to extended heavy duty chores.

    Note that the slight forward cant of the blade and the way that it widens towards the tip are reminiscent of the Kukri. For those that do not want to or cannot make the modifications I described in the Kukri Modification page, I would recommend this as a no-frills, all-business field knife. The only modification I made to this knife was to change the false edge that runs for about two inches back from the tip. This comes with a false edge, but I have put an actual edge for effective backslash ( I believe that the proper term for the rear edge is a "swedge", but I'm not sure).



    I have made an external modular pouch for this knife to add my survival kit to it when required. Whereas this Kydex sheath has plenty of attachment points, this task was an easy matter. This kit pouch is wearable either on the knife itself or can be carried separately on the belt. It is important that it be wearable independent of the knife, as here in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Massachusetts, there are those busybodies who get frightened at the sight of a large knife on someone's hip. When in places like state parks, I will substitute a much smaller blade.