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Obituaries - Foreword - The short excerpts shown below were obtained from a very brief Google search. These are just the ones that made headlines, and they are the tip of the iceberg. I post them here only to enforce the idea that a little preparation can prevent tragedy. If you learn anything from my site, I hope it's that basic preparedness is not expensive to purchase... it's not hard to attain... and it's not hard to learn. It's mostly common sense and a little planning... and it could save the lives of you and your family!



NEWSFLASH - Sep 11, Former UFC middleweight champion and avid outdoorsman, Evan Tanner, whose body was found in the Palo Verde mountains on Monday, is believed to have died of heat exhaustion... NEWSFLASH - Feb 26, A Taylor man reported missing nearly six weeks before his body was found in Ypsilanti Township in January died from exposure... NEWSFLASH - An outdoorsman whose body was found Oct. 13 after an intensive two- week search in Shenandoah National Park, died of exposure, officials said ... NEWSFLASH -  Outdoorsman died of exposure Dec 16 The man who went missing in Albemarle in late September and was found dead 12 days later succumbed to the elements... NEWSFLASH -  Dec 23, Pacifica woman could have died from exposure, police say... NEWSFLASH - Dec 15 Man missing in Shenandoah National Park died from exposure. Though it was only early October, the temperature was unseasonably cool for the mountains... NEWSFLASH -  Mon., Dec. 22,  Associated Press CHEYENNE, Okla. - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a Cheyenne man died of exposure after being trapped in his car... NEWSFLASH - Jun 10, A day hike up Mount Rainier turned into tragedy for a 31-year-old Seattle software engineer who died of exposure early Tuesday after getting ... NEWSFLASH -  12/26, - McLean County officials say an autopsy shows a man found dead on a county road earlier this week died of exposure after his vehicle got stuck... NEWSFLASH -  Oct 5, Exposure suspected in death of Pacific Crest Trail hiker ... NEWSFLASH -  February 12, Search continues for 2 missing goose hunters, 3rd died of exposure ... an autopsy of the third man, whose body was found Sunday, showed he died of exposure... NEWSFLASH - Laguna Beach Teacher May Have Died of Exposure, Officials Say ... NEWSFLASH -  Search crews confirmed Tuesday that a body found beneath a rock overhang... NEWSFLASH -  Dec 22, A woman found frozen and partially covered in snow Sunday morning  died from cold exposure, an autopsy determined. ... NEWSFLASH -  Bowling Green: A coroner in northern Kentucky says two women died of exposure after becoming lost. Hunters found... NEWSFLASH -  December 27,  Police: WestConn athlete died of exposure... NEWSFLASH -  Jan 2,  An 18-year-old Alberta youth was found dead, likely from exposure, after wandering away from a New Year's Eve house party... NEWSFLASH -  Dec 22 Mason City - A rural Plymouth man apparently died of exposure following an auto accident Tuesday, medical examiners said... NEWSFLASH -  Feb 21 A couple who died after becoming stranded in a blizzard on a mountain are thought to have died from exposure ... NEWSFLASH - Dec 7 CNET editor James Kim died of exposure and hypothermia as he sought help for his snowbound wife and children, authorities said Thursday... NEWSFLASH -  A Santa Ana schoolteacher who became lost in rugged terrain near Idyllwild died of exposure and dehydration, according to an autopsy report completed ... NEWSFLASH -  Herald Local News: AG: Boy died of exposure, not foul play... NEWSFLASH -  PORT ORCHARD: South Kitsap County man died of exposure, police say ... NEWSFLASH – An experienced outdoorsman…

As I mentioned, these are but a few tragic stories among many. There are many fine sites out there about preparedness. Whether you read mine or someone else's is irrelevant, as long as you take the information to heart and learn at least the basics of being prepared when things go wrong.   © M40 - January 9th, 2009





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