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M40 BLADES  All blades on this page are hand ground and honed to a razor edge by me in my basement, not by a villager in a Shanghai sweat shop!  I've had to raise my prices a bit because these take too much time and I couldn't keep up with the orders.

Just Added! - Hybrid Blades - $19.95

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Standard Spear Head - $16.95

Deluxe Spear Head - $24.95

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  M40's Spear Heads 

Standard Spear Head shown at top. Fine ground to a razor edge.

Deluxe Spear Head shown at bottom. Fish/game retention edges (These 'teeth' make sure that whatever you spear won't simply slide off and get away). The 'deluxe' heads are ground and buffed to a mirror finish. A finely crafted head for those looking for a bit more than basic functionality, or to make spears that you can display with pride. Crazy sharp!

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Add about 6 feet of green wood and you're sporting a heck of a nice spear! Great for emergency spearfishing, frogging, small game hunting and defense.

I shape, grind and then hone these to a very fine double edge. They are done in 440 stainless for very good corrosion resistance, even in salt water. Comes ready to add to your kit with 2 screws and about 20 feet of black Spectra line (60 Lb test) to fasten to a shaft. Note: I used to include wire wrap, but I've found the spectra line is stronger and more resilient for this purpose.

4.75" Blade Length, 7.5" Overall Length



M40's Slimline Survival Blades

I hand make each of these blades, which means no two are exactly alike, but they will be pretty close to what you see in the pictures. These are made from some of the toughest reciprocating blades available.

The DeWalt demolition grade saw blades are designed to rip through wood, nails, pipes, wires, sheetrock, and pretty much anything else you'd come across. Their 9 inch 'Fire & Rescue' series blades are made with extra cobalt for added toughness and more teeth per inch than standard demolition blades for better metal cutting capability. These are used by rescue personnel to free people from homes, cars, and anywhere else they become trapped.

Blade Length: 4.5" (4" Saw Edge)  -  Overall Length: 8.5"  -   Blade Width: .75"

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  'In the Yellow' - $15.95 - Blade has been shaped, convex ground and sharpened to a razor edge. Finish is original (very tough) paint from DeWalt. Good if you just want something slim and SHARP in your kit or toolbox, or for those that want a DIY project.
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  'In the Blue' - $18.95 - Blade has been shaped and sharpened to a razor edge. Original finish completely stripped, leaving original heat treated blue color. Good for those who want to apply their own final finish, handle, etc. Note: This is high carbon steel and can rust. It should either be finished with paint or maintained with a fine coat of oil.
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  'In the Black' - $24.95 - Blade has been shaped and sharpened to a razor edge. Original finish completely stripped, and a durable textured truck bed coating applied to the blade. The handle is then treated with a sand texture rubberized coating. This handle style is enough to get a positive and comfortable grip, but maintains the slim lines of this knife. This blade is ready to roll, and can be used as is or cord wrapped for a wider grip.
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