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  Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

I have started this part of my site as a wing dedicated to giving certain people, scams and companies the recognition they so richly deserve. If you think you know someone or some company that belongs here, please feel free to recommend them ( see contact info at bottom of page ).  I will add asshole pages here as I receive them from you, and at my discretion. You can choose whether to remain anonymous or not, or simply choose a nickname. If you send me hate mail or threats, I WILL post your name, email and any other info I dig up. 

FINALLY... and here's some sage advice I've learned from the few years these pages have been here...

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, ........ NEEEEEVERRR do business with an online electronics retailer from Brooklyn. I don't know why, but almost all of the terrible, unscrupulous and illegal online electronics retailers are located in Brooklyn. There are a lot more than those I've listed here, and I get emails on them all the time. Many simply change their name once the complaints pile up, but they're all in Brooklyn, NY. I'm beginning to suspect it's mob related, and that it's "protected". Otherwise you'd expect massive crackdowns in such a relatively small hornet's nest of illegal mayhem. And please... warn your friends and relatives !!!

Muslim Assholes

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